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Dirk and Yao, 2019


For the book project The Great Nowitzki Tobias Zielony portrayed the German Basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki during the last years of his NBA career. The photos which derived from that journey offer a visually unique and yet unknown insight into the world of the superstar athlete and our modern day heroes. Zielony shows this universe beyond the familiar sport journalist iconography.

The work Dirk and Yao depicts two major American sports legends of non-American descent. Their portrait by Tobias Zielony taken in Shanghai was incidentally overexposed by the simultaneous flash of another photographer.

digital C-Print, 240 x 160 cm
ed. of 3 +1 AP

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Tobias Zielony

Tobias Zielony is known for his photographic depictions of young people living on the fringes of affluent societies and social acceptance. For the past 20 years, Zielony has focused on suburban milieus that, from Canada to England, Ukraine, Israel, and Japan, have in common that they have fallen out of the promises of modernity's progress and are establishing a temporary life in their own cultural niches. What goes hand in hand with melancholy at the same time reveals a great human tenderness in the cohesion of precarious communities, which Zielony approaches and gives the space to stage themselves. In the process, Zielony's critical approach to documentary manifests itself in a specific aesthetic and relationship to fiction. His numerous institutional exhibitions include the German Pavilion in Venice 2015. Tobias Zielony is a professor in Hamburg since 2022.

Zielony´s work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions recently such as Watching TV in Narva (KOW Berlin 2023), Dark Data (Marta Herford 2022) and Touch. Politiken der Berührung (EMOP Berlin, c/o Amtsalon 2023), Nach August Sander Menschen des 21. Jahrhunderts (Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen 2022).

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