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Eugenio Dittborn

Eugenio Dittborn lives and works in Santiago de Chile. In 1984, Dittborn began painting on large sheets of paper and fabric that he folded up and sent through the international postal system in large envelopes. These "Airmail Paintings" made it possible for him to nevertheless participate, and uncensored, in the global art scene during the Pinochet dictatorship. This way of working became the core of his practice and a methodical reflection on painting, its circulation, its physical, local and global existence. In doing so, Dittborn early adopted a post- and decolonial perspective, deconstructing the coherence of various canonized narratives such as history, identity, origin, destiny, and the like. Combining symbolic sources of different kinds and times, he creates counter-narratives in which the mourning of death, oppression, and destruction is met with a coquettish humor that creates an irresolvable play of ambivalences.

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