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Schlossgeister, 2002–2004

Wall Painting

2002-2004 Dierk Schmidt developed a group of works on the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, which was mainly driven by conservative and West German side.

Berliner Schlossgeister #2 consists of a scaffolding and a tarpaulin. This construction refers to the beginnings of the rebuilding idea shortly after the end of the GDR: Already in 1993, a life-size model of the palace facade was placed in the center of Berlin. To raise money for the project, the painted tarp of the simulation was cut up and the individual pieces were sold. Schmidt acquired some of these sheets and painted over them with mask-like portraits of proponents of the reconstruction of pre-war Berlin. Schmidt also threw a red paint bomb into this assembly of heads, in whose abstract splashes the painterly gesture of resistance against this historical revision is condensed. Both "Ich weiß...was du nicht weißt..." and Berliner Schlossgeister reveal references to the history of painting in the 19th century - especially to works by Édouard Manet and Adolph Menzel - which is closely linked to the question of realism and thus the relationship of painterly representation to reality.

Dierk Schmidt

Dierk Schmidt, born in Unna, Germany, in 1965, studied art history and visual arts in Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. He takes on the genre of history painting to investigate politics of representation, critically redescribing the production of the historical past and present. Dierk Schmidt has repeatedly worked on issues of colonial history, on restitution politics, international law, and on abstraction in painting, a main project being “The Division Of The Earth“ for documenta 12 in 2007. His analytical approach makes use of painting’s conceptual methods, self-reflexive on the issue of painting and capable of rationalizing representational gaps.

Schmidt´s work has been displayd in major solo and group exhibitions such as Kolonnen (KOW Berlin 2020), Guilts and Debts (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte reina, Sofia 2018) and Under Construction (Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart Berlin 2022), Painting and geopolitics (Galeria Elba Benitez, Madrid 2021), COMMUNICATING VESSELS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid 2021).

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