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Early Work, 1986-1994

Heinrich Dunst Untitled, 1994 Oil on canvas, oil on plywood (2 parts) 215 x 40 x 10 cm
Heinrich Dunst Untitled, 1986 Acrylic, graphite on canvas 120 x 90 cm
Heinrich Dunst Untitled, 1988 Acrylic, canvas, felt 150 x 110 cm
Heinrich Dunst Untitled, 1991 Oil on plywood 195 x 130 cm
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Heinrich Dunst

Heinrich Dunst was born in 1955 in Hallein (Salzburg, Austria), He lives and works in Vienna. Dunst creates spatial interventions and performances that navigate the gap between what can be seen and what can be said, the untranslatability of one form into another, and the contextual nature of spatial presentations. Dunst's conceptual approach is rooted both in the work of artists like Marcel Broodthaers who scrutinize the systems underlying the perception of words and images, and in the Viennese scene of the 1980s and its characteristic ambition to extend abstract painting into the exhibition space. He lends these complex issues fresh interest by developing forms into correlations and pointedly questioning the seemingly unequivocal meaning of the elements through variation, superimposition, and changes of direction.

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